What is DejaVu?

What is DejaVu?

| Today’s topic “What is DejaVu”  Today we have researched a topic that you talk about in an interlocutory conversation for you or that you feel within any day. What is DejaVu, how does it occur?

| The deja vu incident, which happened to almost everyone and is the subject of novels and films, is pathological. Deja Vu is a feeling of being experienced before or a feeling of seeing a place before. In fact, and even the feeling that a situation you’re in has occurred before. In short, it is the state that creates a feeling of living the moment before.

| People who experience deja vu describe an event as a feeling of similarity as high as if they had experienced it before. DejaVu, which is a condition that almost every person can experience, takes place in two scientific ways. DejaVu, which is a condition that almost every person can experience, takes place in two scientific ways. Deja Senti is a remnant of a feeling that has never happened before. In other words, the feeling that a situation that has not been experienced before, a smell taken or a feeling that is felt is happening again. The second is dejavisite. Dejavisite is a case of feeling like you’ve been to a place that’s never been before. Deja Senti, which is often the first in humans, is seen. Scientific research on the subject began in the 20th century, although the origins of DejavVu go back a long way.

| Although the basis of DejaVu is not known clearly, the scientific is that this experience is not a supernatural event, it consists of perceiving an event that has not been experienced as a result of an abnormality related to memory. Events in daily life first enter the short-term memory in the brain. It then switches from short-term memory to long-term memory. A problem that may arise to the center during this transition creates the feeling of DejaVu. As a result of the researches, 70% of people experienced the feeling of DejaVu at least once in their lives. Many researchers and scientists have made many subjects to understand how uninsisting events feel like they happened. For these researches, many healthy people have had brain MRI. It has been observed that the activities in the lobe, which is located in the lower part of the brain and which memorizes many events, which are remembered very confidently by the volunteers participating in the study and which is certain to be experienced, have increased excessively. However, it was observed that the participants were not very sure, they said a little sure but thought about events that were never known and known to be imaginary, and that the events were more effective in the part of the brain that only memorized the main idea. I guess Dejavu is about to happen in this part of the brain.

| In the scientific literature, Dejavu was first described in 1928 in TITCHENER‘s book “A Book of Psychology”. “The brain creates a partial perception before producing a complete perception of an experience. This partial perception is a feeling that it is a previously experienced event.” In some cases, the brain may not be able to detect inputs such as images and sounds at the moment of entry into the brain. Fatigue and stress lie behind these causes. It is a condition that can cause DejaVu to have difficulty perceiving the brain for such reasons. As soon as the inputs that cannot be detected at first and then perceived are detected, the person feels that he has experienced this input before.

| DejaVu is the opposite of this situation when it is to feel like it has already happened. This situation is called JamaisVu. If this happens, people experience a feeling of alienity in places they know. In this case, it also arises from the reasons involved in the formation of DejaVu.

| DejaVu is a condition caused by differentiations of the timer mechanisms within the brain. The incompatibility of the information recorded in the brain causes DejaVu to occur. There are different types of memories in the brain. When an event is happening, when it is heard or seen, the information at that moment is first settled in short-term memory. The information then goes through the process of transferring it to long-term memory. There may be slight deviations in the order in which information passes into this long-term memory. This deviation is actually shortening the path. The information is transmitted to long-term memory by deviing from the normal path. As a result, the perception at that moment seems to have come from long-term memory to the person. DejaVu occurs during this problem, which occurs during the transition from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Under What Conditions is DejaVu More Common?

| It is higher for an alcoholic person to experience the condition of DejaVu. In addition, the DejaVu condition can also occur in different neural diseases. Most of all, this condition is encountered in epileplasm. The very frequent experience of Dejavu in the person can also be a symptom of some kind of epilep cause. Especially if dejavu is experienced too much during my child and adolescence, a doctor should be consulted and whether he has epilepic disease should be examined. This is very important for your health. In adults, this condition may occur due to stress, fatigue and similar reasons.

| It is said that the feeling of DéjàVu is caused by other reasons. They say the person may have seen a photo of that place before. A book or an article may have been read about an event remembered years ago. It may be a small piece that may be similar to the subject of a film that was watched long before. Or the event that happened was seen in a dream before, but that dream may not be remembered. The clothing worn by a person who was with the person at that time while DejaVu was happening, an object found there may be conning an incident that was experienced because of a previous incident. In these cases, it is said that it causes dejavu to be seen because of confusion in the brain.

How to Explain DejaVu Religiously?

| It is said that DejaVu has a religious explanation. According to this statement, the human son lives his destiny from creation. This means that one’s entire life from birth to death is pre-recorded. All the will of the human being and what he will and will do is written in fate in advance. Therefore, DejaVu, which is the feeling of previous experience felt in life, is the way in which the soul tells man about fate. Of course, we can never prove how true this situation is. But I wanted to add this title in case some readers were interested.

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